Let’s get to know each other….

I am Immy.
Imogen if I’m in trouble
but otherwise just Immy!

I believe in family. Good friends. Lazy Sunday breakfasts. Country air. Wine, always red - sometimes with bubbles in. Cooking, but mostly eating. Autumn colours and cosy winter evenings. Mountain air or an ocean view. Adventure; with two mini explorers in tow. Sources of escape; you’ll regularly find me with my nose in a great book. Open fields and fresh air. Rural and sustainable living.

I believe in the power of communication; read, written or photographed.  



chartered marketer

As a Chartered Marketer (MCIM qualified) my clients are recipients of the latest knowledge and advise. I bring a wealth of experience with a CIM Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Marketing and over ten years’ marketing and communications experience working within rural, environmental and conservation sectors.

Highly proficient in management, organisation and project planning, my clients are looking for clear, detailed strategic recommendations. As a skilled communicator and storyteller; expert in combining process and creativity, my clients benefit from a fully integrated marketing management solution.

country girl

My clients are supporting and influencing food, farming and rural communities across the UK. Environmentally led and passionate about protecting our natural resources, my clients and I are driven by a shared interest in finding sustainable marketing solutions.

A country girl, I believe in local, honest produce and encourage businesses that work sustainably and sympathetically within their environment. 

Supporting and collaborating

My clients benefit from a strong network of contacts in creative, design and digital. Built and strengthened over ten years in industry I work with and support other small businesses that I love. Together we translate ideas and concepts into powerful, creative interpretations of the clients brief.