Share the story. Build a brand.

To be truly successful, I believe we have to know our own strengths, be capable of recognising our own weaknesses and be prepared to complement our own skills set with the knowledge and capabilities of others.

There really is no competition in creativity.

Combined skills and shared learnings present far greater opportunity for progression - simply by an acceptance that we are more powerful together.

In business today we are governed by a need to succeed - competition seems to have overruled care and whilst I advocate healthy competition, in the right environment, I find myself leaning towards ‘support’ as my preferred motivational asset in a leader.

Through a series of posts promoting other small businesses and individuals I hope to give recognition to skills and knowledge that have made a positive contribution to me and demonstrate how they can also help you!

Sharing these stories through a guest blogging platform and helping to….

Share the story. Build a brand.
— Immy O'Keeffe, Owner and Founder of IOK Marketing

Every guest blogger featured is a part of a growing network of professionals that I collaborate with. Pop over to the collaborations section of the website to see who else I enjoy working with.

Follow along, take part and don’t forget to say hi back - leave a comment in the box below and introduce us to your business.


Our first guest blogger is a social media expert conveying her knowledge through informative workshops and strategy led 121’s. Improving productivity of your social channels, optimising your time online and building engagement is her mission - interested yet?

Coming soon…